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"You’re leaving out cookies and milk to encourage an old fat man to break into your house?"


         Rachel rolled her eyes, “No. I do it because it’s tradition.” With a shrug, she placed the plate and glass on the coffee table. “It just feels weird if I don’t do it, y’know?”

        She sat down on the couch with a sigh, “Besides, chances are, I’m gonna get hungry later tonight and it’s nice to have a snack already prepared.”

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+1 entered the barrier


Annabeth stared at the man that stood before her. His clothes looked nothing like any she had seen, which caused her to take a small step back. “You’re….I’ve seen you before.” She spoke softly. Her mind registering where she had seen him and who he was.


A smirk found his lips and he took a step forward as she took one back. “Child of Athena. Anna Marie — or something like that, wasn’t it?” His brows rose and he shrugged lightly. “You’ve seen me?” He frowned lightly, trying to remember when she might have seen him. It could have been anywhere, really. It seemed, by her reaction, he had been causing trouble.

             ”Loki, not at your service.”

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'M fine. Just—

[Her words are cut off when she brings her hands up to her mouth to cover it when she falls into a coughing fit.

When it subsides, she hugs herself.]

Just feeling a bit off…

          That sounds more than just a bit off, m’dear.

[He holds his hand out and takes a step closer to her. He does not like this.]

         Perhaps we should get you into bed for some rest. Let me take care of you.

[His tone is soft and one he rarely uses. Normally he would hate how weak he seems —- but this is Eris and she needs his help.]

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[11:06:48 PM] Percabeth: what would eris do if she found apollo and loki making out
[11:06:53 PM] Ʀandi ♡: ….
[11:07:02 PM] Ʀandi ♡: she just whispered “threeeeeesome”

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"Yes, but usually every word out of your mouth is either condescending, sarcastic, or just simply rude." he clarified, crossing his arms, more for power than defense.

He gasped, placing a hand over his heart. “How rude. A God can’t even be nice anymore without someone accusing them of trying to say how horrific someone’s sweater is.” He paused, expression falling one one of boredom before he cleared his throat. “Of course, I’m talking about mortals. You on the other hand… Your sweater is—” He cleared his throat again. “—Lovely.”

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"Nice sweater…"


Hades looked down at the atrocity of pine trees and reindeer that adorned his sweater. “Persephone gave it to me.” he replied in a warning tone.

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"Yes, but she is taking me to see family."

                “Oh— scary. Dinner with the family.” He patted Hades on the back. “You’ll survive. Maybe.”

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"You look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer."


He stuck a red nose on Loki’s face too, grinning gleefully at his expression. “So do you, asshole.”



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"We can’t share a scarf- what do you think you’re doing?!"


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Fine. We won’t share.

[She tugs the scarf off him, wrapping it around her own neck.]

I’ll just take it for myself.

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